KewlLab - Designing A 3D Printed Stage for FurShows

When it started?

Back in August 2017, I (Velivian Fesothe) created a stage light 3D model in a program called Hexagon, it might have been among one of the first batches of models I created in Mesh as I was learning to model, previously I'd only ever modelled with Second Life primitives, which is their internal type of mesh with many restrictions on how it can be cut and shaped.

Regular 3D mesh, on the other hand, has no such restrictions and was only officially introduced to Second Life around May 31, 2011, and I had been using Second Life since around 2006 as Roger Blackhawk a pun on military radio protocol, Roger being the code word used to signal the conversation or what is being said is over and Blackhawk a well-known helicopter.

Further back in 2006, I'd had an interest in robots and animatronics which I wasn't able to pursuit at the time I'd had this fantasy of setting up a robotic circus as I believed strongly in animal rights and that a circus should not use animals in their acts, I felt robots were the way forward and I wanted to prove it but had no ability to do so.

This is why when I joined Second Life I eventually joined the furry fandom and transitioned my fursona into a "Steampunk" ringmaster using the account name Steampunk Gears, I was going to be a ringmaster of robots and I loved it.

But as mentioned previously I was still unable to develop my "fantasy" into a reality but I did have a website, and many such websites over the years as I explored the idea and direction I wanted to go in, then in 2016 I was offered an opportunity to get into 3D printing and went off to train with Ultimaker and The Blare Project a 3D printed motor sports company.

Then upto to around 2018 I ran a 3D printing technology company called FossaLab Technologies, around 2018 I had to close it down for personal reasons and then a few years later we had COVID to deal with but I still had my passions and interests so in 2019 I had a new plan, a new website and a bunch of experience to move forward with.

My plan was a lot simpler and easier to achieve initially and I hope would expand as my experience in the subject does, I would take DJ stands and use them as a frame to build a 3D printed stage around and on top of it. So I picked up my first section in 2019 and started to 3D model the frame.

A lot of time has passed since then, but I am continuing with this project and this is the first in a series of posts explaining my work and showing off the models and stage (To be completed). I hope this was of interest to you and you'll come back and follow my progress as I develop animatronics shows for my company FurShows.