KewlLab - About

KewlLab establised in 2021 is a Furtainment (FurShows-owned) internal lab specialising in 3D-printed entertainment (Furtainment) projects created by Velivian Fesothe, kewl is an adjective in British English meaning an informal nonstandard variant spelling of cool, thus we're called Cool Lab.

Kewllab was created to separate our 3D printed projects from our other brands like Snack Ferret Studio that specialises in 3D animation and gaming content, however while KewlLab will create the content, Snack Ferret Studio will film it.

At KewlLab, I believe in the power of open-source development to drive innovation and collaboration in the entertainment industry. As such one of my first 3D printed projects will be a modular 3D printed stage that will be used to film animatronic puppetry content (Shows) for FurShows.

As the owner of KewlLab (Velivian Fesothe), my growing passion for learning animatronics and robots for entertainment purposes drives everything I will do at the lab. I am excited to share my progress, open-source developments and projects with you on this website and on our a @KewlLab YouTube channel.

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